• ISBN: 9780007328963
  • Tür: Kitap
  • Format: DRM EPUB
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Lessons in Love

By (author),
A warm romantic comedy about teaching old dogs new tricks...Two women: one small difference between them - The letter Y,.Firstly there's Jane Mills - she's suffering from a broken heart, no job and a house she can't afford. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Jayne Mills can afford anything she wants, but at what cost to herself?In her late 20s, Jane's up for a challenge. Fast approaching 50, Jayne's had more than enough of them. Meeting Jane after a mail mix-up, gives her the chance to assess her choices, and the glorious opportunity to remake the one that she most regrets. It seems that even late along the road, you are never too old to learn new tricks...For anyone who's ever wondered what became of the one who got away or dreamed of escaping on a grown-up gap year, this is a wonderfully warm read about finding answers to life's troubles in the unlikeliest of places.A sparkling romantic comedy about lost chances found and walking in someone else's shoes, perfect for fans of Jane Green and Tess Stimson.

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