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Gentle First Year

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Dr Gowri Motha is one the UK's most respected obstetricians, working in holistic practice alongside Dr Yehudi Gordon. Her Gentle Birth Method has been hugely popular with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow. Now she helps mothers in the first year after birth bond with their child and give them the best start in life.A book that takes new parents month by month through the first weeks after birth - with detailed information on the health of mother and baby - and progresses to the end of the first year. Covering everything from colic and sleepless nights to your relationship with your partner, the book is a practical and emotionally reassuring guide to help you bond with your new child.It contains:* the first weeks: the idea of creating a gentle passage into the world for the child and how to ensure good bonding is discussed* the health of your baby and toddler. From early days of breast feeding and helping your baby to sleep to introducing first foods and coping with early childhood ailments* the health of the mother: everything from episiotomy scarring to misaligned pelvises, insomnia and baby blues. Gowri introduces special massage and yoga techniques* the growing child: stage-by-stage development and introducing useful toys and books* family relationships: fathers and siblings, and grandparents

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