• ISBN: 9780007322206
  • Tür: Kitap
  • Format: DRM EPUB
  • Fiyat: 86.24 TL (KDV dahil)
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Book of the Die

By (author),
The 'bible' for dice living - for everyone who has been inspired by the cult classic THE DICE MAN.From the author of the cult bestsellers THE DICE MAN and SEARCH FOR THE DICE MAN comes a new book, guaranteed to appeal to the hundreds of thousands of people who continue to be fascinated by the thought of 'living by the dice'.Luke Rhinehart, after a long period of silence, has delivered a playful book of parables, essays, thoughts, ideas and practical instructions and reminsces on dice-ing that is designed to be dipped into for thoughts and views on dice living. It is a 'handbook', a reference 'bible', for the hundreds of thousands of people who turn to the dice to shake up convention and taking risks and chances. It will be a 'must' for Rhinehart's thousands of devoted followers.

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