• ISBN: 9780007279746
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Angel By My Side: Amazing True Stories of the Afterlife

By (author),
Following the hugely popular 'An Angel Saved My Life', comes another collection of powerful true stories of communication with those in the Afterlife. Includes real-life amazing rescues, mysterious dream visitations, near death experiences and miraculous recoveries.In the follow up to her first collection of stories entitled 'An Angel Saved My Life', Jacky Newcomb is back with more incredible, inspiring true life dramas and what happens when those from the afterlife intervene in our darkest hour of need.The book includes:Miraculous survival stories which defy explanation.Amazing rescues - mysterious strangers who proved to be angels in disguise.People who came back from the brink of death - what is it really like to die?Remarkable medical recoveries - spirit intervention to set the clock back on a person's 'time to go'.Dream visitations by spirits - angels and spirit friends entering or creating dreams to give important messages.The psychic power of children and their interaction with angels.Incredible psychic animals - pets who came back from the dead to protect their owners.

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